Fossile Arten der Ordnung incertae sedis 


‘Dynamopterus’ tuberculatus Peters [3]

Perplexicervix microcephalon Mayr [1]
Perplexicervix paucituberculata Mayr et al. [2]
Perplexicervix sp. ‘Quercy, Frankreich’ [3]



[1] Gerald Mayr: A new avian species with tubercle-bearing cervical vertebrae from the Middle Eocene of Messel (Germany). Records of the Australian Museum 62: 21-28. 2010
[2] Gerald Mayr; Vicen Carrió; Andrew C. Kitchener: On the “screamer-like” birds from the British London Clay: An archaic anseriform-galliform mosaic and a non-galloanserine “barb-necked” species of Perplexicervix. Palaeontologia Electronica 26(2): 1-23. 2023
[3] Gerald Mayr; Ursula B. Göhlich; Zbyněk Roček; Alfred Lemierre; Viola Winkler; Georgios L. Georgalis: Reinterpretation of tuberculate cervical vertebrae of Eocene birds as an exceptional anti‐predator adaptation against the mammalian craniocervical killing bite. journal of Anatomy 244: 402-410. 2024


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