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Bird safari

We are more or less ‘housebound’ thanks to the Corona virus … so, we took a walk through the city.

It is now definitely spring because there are starlings singing from almost every tree.:

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris ssp. vulgaris); this one is not singing it is pruning its feathers

I usually don’t look at the Mallards because they are typical feral ducks, many of which don’t resemble wild ducks at all.:

Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos ssp. ptatyrhynchos); a nice-looking couple

Another sign for/of spring are singing Chaffinches, like with the starlings, almost every tree has its own singing Chaffinch right now, however, they are very difficult to photograph because they usually fly away as soon as they spot the camera.:

Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs ssp. coelebs); a male waiting for a female to arrive

This is a Goldfinch, it has one of the most beautiful songs of all European birds.:

European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis ssp. carduelis); a photo with very bad light

This little cutie was hopping about as close as only one meter away from us, so I could make at least two quite good pictures.:

Robin (Erithacus rubecula ssp. rubecula)

Hawaiian bird names

I thought it would be a good idea to create a list (I loce to do lists) of all known Hawaiian drepanidine finches, and to assign vernacular names to all of them, but Hawaiian ones!

I have only translated ‘my’ names but not those that are already in use.


Aidemedia chascax – Nuku pololei [Straight-billed] 
Aidemedia lutetiae – Nuku pololei [Straight-billed] 
Aidemedia zanclops – Nuku pahi kakiwi [Sickle-billed]  

Chloridops kona – Manoa ma’oma’o, Ma’oma’o-‘ai-naio [Thick-and-green, Green feeds on Naio] 
Chloridops regiskongi – Nuku pa‘a [Strong-billed] 
Chloridops wahi – Nuku palupalu [Weak-billed]  

Ciridops anna – ‘Ula’-ai-hawane, Waaihawane 
Ciridops tenax – ‘Ula-me-‘ele’ele [Red-and-black]  

Drepanis coccinea – ‘I’iwi, ‘I’iwi polena, ‘I’iwi popolo 
Drepanis funerea – Hoa, Mamo, ‘O’o nuku-mu , ‘O’o-nuku-umu 
Drepanis pacifica – Hoha, Hoho, Mamo  

Dysmorodrepanis munroi – ‘O’u nuku hakahaka [Gap-billed Ou]  

Hemignathus affinis – Nuku pu‘u 
Hemignathus ellisianus – ‘Akialoa, Kipi
Hemignathus flavus – ‘Amakihi 
Hemignathus hanapepe – Nuku pu‘u 
Hemignathus kauaiensis – ‘A’alawi, ‘Alawi, ‘Amakihi, ‘Amakihi ‘awa’awa, Kihi, Kihikihi 
Hemignathus lanaiensis – ‘Akialoa 
Hemignathus lucidus – Nuku pu‘u 
Hemignathus munroi – ‘Akiapola’au 
Hemignathus obscurus – ‘Akialoa, ‘Akihi-a-loa, ‘Akihi-loa 
Hemignathus stejnegeri – ‘Akialoa 
Hemignathus upupirostris – ‘Akihi-‘ai-‘ili la’au [Akihi feeds on tree bark] 
Hemignathus virens ssp. virens – ‘Amakihi 
Hemignathus virens ssp. wilsoni – ‘Amakihi 
Hemignathus vorpalis – Nuku ihe [Spear-billed]  

Himatione freethi – ‘Apapane mai Kauo [Apapane from Laysan] 
Himatione sanguinea – ‘Akakani, ‘Akapane, ‘Apapane  

Loxioides bailleui – Palila 
Loxioides kikuchi – Palila loa [Large Palila]  

Loxops caeruleirostris – ‘Akeke’e, ‘O’u-holowai 
Loxops coccineus – ‘Akakane, ‘Akepa, ‘Akepeuie 
Loxops ochraceus – ‘Akakane, ‘Akepa, ‘Akepeuie 
Loxops wolstenholmei – ‘Akakane, ‘Akepa, ‘Akepeuie  

Magumma parva – ‘Alawi, ‘Anauani’i, ‘Anianiau  

Manucerthia mana – ‘Alawi  

Melamprosops phaeosoma – Po’o-uli  

Oreomystis bairdi – ‘Akikeke, ‘Akikihi, ‘Akikiki  

Orthiospiza howarthi – Manu kuahiwi, Manu mauka [Highland bird, Bird from the mountains]  

Palmeria dolei – ‘Akohekohe  

Paroreomyza flammea
 – Kakawahie 
Paroreomyza maculata – ‘Alauahio, ‘Alauwahio 
Paroreomyza montana ssp. montana – ‘Alauahio, ‘Alauwahio 
Paroreomyza montana ssp. newtoni – ‘Alauahio, ‘Alauwahio  

Pseudonestor xanthophrys – Kiwikiu  

Psittirostra psittacea – ‘O‘u  

Rhodacanthis flaviceps – Po’o lena [Yellow-headed] 
Rhodacanthis forfex – ?
Rhodacanthis litotes – ?
Rhodacanthis palmeri – Hopue, Po’o ‘alani [Orange-headed]  

Telespiza cantans – Lele-i-honua, Melemele-‘ai-hua, Palila mai Kauo [Jumps on the ground, Yellow eats eggs, Palila from Laysan] 
Telespiza persecutrix – Palila kahakai [Beach Palila] 
Telespiza ultimaPalila mai Moku Manu [Palila from Nihoa] 
Telespiza ypsilonPalila iki, Palila kahakai [Small Palila, Beach Palila]  

Vangulifer mirandus – Hopu mea kolo, Nuku kumumu [Catches insects, Blunt-billed] 
Vangulifer neophasis – Hopu mea kolo, Nuku kumumu [Catches insects, Blunt-billed]  

Viridonia sagittirostris – Nuku pua [Arrowbill]  

Xestospiza conica – Nuku pu‘u [Cone-billed] 
Xestospiza fastigialis – ?


edited: 17.04.2018

Skizze – Pfeilschnabel (Viridonia sagittirostris)

… endlich mal wieder etwas Zeit zum Zeichnen ….



Darf ich vorstellen: ein Pfeilschnabel (Viridonia sagittirostris Rothschild) auch bekannt als Einsiedlerkleidervogel oder Großer Amakihi; ein Fink, ja, tatsächlich ein Fink, von der größten der Hawai’i-Inseln, Hawai’i selbst, und natürlich, wie es sich für einen ‘ordentlichen’ hawaiianischen Vogel gehört, absolut und komplett ausgestorben.

Mahalo nui loa, a hui hou kakou! 


bearbeitet: 16.04.2018