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Eleven steps to draw a bird

Hi there!

It’s coffee/tea time, whatever you prefer … and it’s dark outside, and thus it’s dark inside too.  


I have decided to make another >step by step<, or >how to do<, or whatever you may call it series, of how I draw a bird, this time it is another extinct one, yet only known from two of its bones, so the coloration is just imagined.  


1: a sketch is made

2: the sketch is fixed with the pencil 

3: the sketch is finished, the surroundings are included

4: the rubber color is put on the bird

5: the rubber color has dried, the background is created with water color and a sponge

6: the background has dried, the rubber color is rubbed away

7: the actual coloring begins, I use my loved watercolor pencils

8/9: the watercolor is blurred with a brush and with water

10: the water has dried, the details are now worked out using the watercolor pencils again

11: the most important step, probably; the last details are worked out with a pencil, and the white dot is placed inside the eye 

The end result is a drawing of a Cuban Tapaculo (Scytalopus sp.)  



[1] Storrs L. Olson; Evgeny N. Kurochkin: Fossil evidence of a tapaculo in the Quaternary of Cuba (Aves: Passeriformes: Scytalopodidae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 100(2): 353-357. 1987


edited: 09.11.2017