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Paradiesvögel – eine (Unter)Arten Liste

Eine Auflistung aller 78 Formen, die derzeit anerkannt werden, einfach in alphabetischer Reihenfolge.:

Astrapia mayeri 
Astrapia nigra 
Astrapia rothschildi 
Astrapia splendidissima ssp. helios 
Astrapia splendidissima ssp. splendidissima 
Astrapia stephaniae ssp. feminina 
Astrapia stephaniae ssp. stephaniae

Cicinnurus magnificus ssp. chrysopterus 
Cicinnurus magnificus ssp. hunsteini 
Cicinnurus magnificus ssp. magnificus 
Cicinnurus regius ssp. coccineifrons 
Cicinnurus regius ssp. regius 
Cicinnurus respublica

Drepanornis albertisi ssp. albertisi 
Drepanornis albertisi ssp. cervinicauda 
Drepanornis bruijnii 

Epimachus fastuosus ssp. atratus 
Epimachus fastuosus ssp. fastuosus 
Epimachus fastuosus ssp. ultimus 
Epimachus meyeri ssp. albicans 
Epimachus meyeri ssp. bloodi 
Epimachus meyeri ssp. meyeri 

Lophorina intercedens 
Lophorina magnifica ssp. alberti 
Lophorina magnifica ssp. magnifica 
Lophorina minor 
Lophorina niedda ssp. inopinata 
Lophorina niedda ssp. niedda 
Lophorina paradisea 
Lophorina superba ssp. addenda 
Lophorina superba ssp. latipennis 
Lophorina superba ssp. superba 
Lophorina victoriae 

Lycocorax obiensis 
Lycocorax pyrrhopterus ssp. morotensis 
Lycocorax pyrrhopterus ssp. pyrrhopterus

Manucodia ater ssp. alter 
Manucodia ater ssp. ater 
Manucodia ater ssp. subalter 
Manucodia chalybatus 
Manucodia comrii 
Manucodia jobiensis 

Paradigalla brevicauda 
Paradigalla carunculata 

Paradisaea apoda 
Paradisaea decora 
Paradisaea guilielmi 
Paradisaea minor ssp. finschi 
Paradisaea minor ssp. jobiensis 
Paradisaea minor ssp. minor 
Paradisaea raggiana ssp. augustaevictoriae 
Paradisaea raggiana ssp. intermedia 
Paradisaea raggiana ssp. raggiana 
Paradisaea raggiana ssp. salvadorii 
Paradisaea rubra 

Paradisornis rudolphi ssp. margaritae 
Paradisornis rudolphi ssp. rudolphi 

Parotia berlepschi 
Parotia carolae ssp. carolae 
Parotia carolae ssp. chalcothorax 
Parotia carolae ssp. chrysenia 
Parotia carolae ssp. clelandiorum 
Parotia carolae ssp. meeki 
Parotia lawesii ssp. helenae 
Parotia lawesii ssp. lawesii 
Parotia sefilata 
Parotia wahnesi 

Phonygammus keraudrenii ssp. gouldii 
Phonygammus keraudrenii ssp. hunsteini 
Phonygammus keraudrenii ssp. jamesii 
Phonygammus keraudrenii ssp. keraudrenii 
Phonygammus keraudrenii ssp. neumanni 
Phonygammus keraudrenii ssp. purpureoviolaceus 

Pteridophora alberti 

Seleucidis melanoleucos ssp. auripennis 
Seleucidis melanoleucos ssp. melanoleucos 

Semioptera wallacii ssp. halmaherae
Semioptera wallacii ssp. wallacii



[1] Andy Elliot; Nigel J. Collar; Murray D. Bruce; Guy M. Kirwan: The nomenclature of Lophorina (Aves: Paradisaeidae), with remarks on the type and type locality of L. superba. Zootaxa 4732: 57-78. 2020


bearbeitet: 28.02.2020

Birds of Paradise hybrides – Duivenbode’s Six-wired Bird of Paradise

At first sight this bird looks quite like a typical parotia, bearing a glossy breast shield and elongated, thread-like occipital plumes, however, it only had two of them instead of the usual six, so its vernacular name Duivenbode’s Six-wired Bird of Paradise should actually rather be Duivenbode’s Two-wired Bird of Paradise.

The form is known from two male specimens and is now known to be a hybrid of the Superb Bird of Paradise (Lophorina superba (J. R. Forster)) and the Western Parotia (Parotia sefilata (Pennant)).

Depiction from: ‚Walter Rothschild: On recently described Paradiseidae, with notes on some other new species. Ibis 9(5): 350-367. 1911‘

(not in copyright)



[1] Clifford B. Frith; Bruce M. Beehler: The Birds of Paradise: Paradisaeidae. Oxford University Press 1998


edited: 26.02.2020