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Kischinskinia scandens Volkova & Zelkov

This species was described in 2018 based on a distal tarsometatarsal fragment and a distal fragment of a right tibiotarsus from the uppermost Early Miocene sediments of the Tagay locality on the island of Olkhon in Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.

The single known fragment is most similar to the corresponding bone of the recent Wallcreeper (Tichodromia muraria (L.)), yet still differs sufficiently enough to justify its placement into a distinct, new genus.

The bird reached the size of a recent Wallcreeper and, like that species, had the ability to climb vertical surfaces. [1]



[1] N. V. Volkova; N. V. Zelenkov: A scansorial passerine bird (Passeriformes, Certhioidea) from the uppermost Lower Miocene of eastern Siberia. Paleontological Journal 52(1): 53-60. 2018


edited: 25.02.2019