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Darwin’s Finches or Galápagos Finches

… having criticized the “A Guide to the Birds of the Galápagos Islands” for not naming the numerous subspecies of the finches, I will now add here a list of all these subspecies, I have named them, to the best of my knowledge, with common names as well.:

Mangrove Finch (Camarhynchus heliobates)

Woodpecker Finch (Camarhynchus pallidus ssp. pallidus)
Fernandina Woodpecker Finch (Camarhynchus pallidus ssp. productus)
San Cristobal Woodpecker Finch (Camarhynchus pallidus ssp. striatipectus)

Small Tree-Finch (Camarhynchus parvulus ssp. parvulus)
Salvin’s Small Tree-Finch (Camarhynchus parvulus ssp. salvini)

Fernandina Large Tree-Finch (Camarhynchus psittacula ssp. affinis)
Pinta Large Tree-Finch (Camarhynchus psittacula ssp. habeli)
Large Tree-Finch (Camarhynchus psittacula ssp. psittacula)

Medium Tree-Finch (Camarhynchus pauper)

Beck’s Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. becki)
Santa Fe Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. bifasciata)
Espanola Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. cinerascens)
Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. fusca)
San Cristobal Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. luteola)
Genovesa Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. mentalis)
Ridgway’s Gray Warbler Finch (Certhidea fusca ssp. ridgwayi)

Green Warbler Finch (Certhidea olivacea)

Large Cactus-Finch (Geospiza conirostris ssp. conirostris)
Darwin’s Large Cactus-Finch (Geospiza conirostris ssp. darwini)
Genovesa Large Cactus-Finch (Geospiza conirostris ssp. propinqua)

Fernandina Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch (Geospiza difficilis ssp. debilirostris)
Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch (Geospiza difficilis ssp. difficilis)
Vampire Ground-Finch (Geospiza difficilis ssp. septentrionalis)

Medium Ground-Finch (Geospiza fortis)

Small Ground-Finch (Geospiza fuliginosa)

Large Ground-Finch (Geospiza magnirostris)

Pinta Cactus-Finch (Geospiza scandens ssp. abingdoni)
Common Cactus-Finch (Geospiza scandens ssp. intermedia)
Rothschild’s Cactus-Finch (Geospiza scandens ssp. rothschildi)
San Salvador Cactus-Finch (Geospiza scandens ssp. scandens)

Vegetarian Finch (Platyspiza crassirostris)


Some of these subspecies may now warrant species status (for example the Vampire Finch or Vampire Ground-Finch), however, I’m not yet fully into that matter … did I mention before that it appears to be quite difficult to get good information about these birds?


… hm, maybe I was a bit too excessive with the tags ….   😛


edited: 02.12.2016