Fossile Arten der Caprimulgiformes

Famile incertae sedis

Palaeopsittacus georgei Harrison

Ueekenkcoracias tambussiae Degrange, Diego Pol, Pablo Puerta & Peter Wilf [2]


Archaeodromus anglicus Mayr [1]

Archaeotrogon cayluxensis Gaillard
Archaeotrogon hoffstetteri Mourer-Chauviré
Archaeotrogon nocturnus Mlíkovský
Archaeotrogon venustus Milne-Edwards
Archaeotrogon zitteli Gaillard

Hassiavis laticauda Mayr


Ventivorus ragei Mourer-Chauviré (?)



[1] G. Mayr: An early Eocene fossil from the British London Clay elucidates the evolutionary history of the enigmatic Archaeotrogonidae (Aves, Strisores). Papers in Palaeontology advance online publication. doi: 10.1002/spp2.1392. 2021
[2] Federico J. Degrange; Diego Pol; Pablo Puerta; Peter Wilf: Unexpected larger distribution of paleogene stem-rollers (AVES, CORACII): new evidence from the Eocene of Patagonia, Argentina. Scientific Reports 11: 1363. 2021
[3] Gerald Mayr: Paleogene Fossil Birds. 2nd ed. edition 2022


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