Extinct and Vanishing Birds of the World

James C. Greenway, Jr.: Extinct and Vanishing Birds of the World. Dover Publications, Inc., New York 1958


This is a highly (out)dated book, originally published in 1958; my copy, however, is a revised print from 1967.

The cover shows two of my absolute favorite bird species, the extinct Society Islands parakeets.

As the title implies, the book not only covers extinct birds (species and subspecies) but also those on the brink of extinction (at the time of the publishing), some of them with black-and-white drawings, it is also a very useful source for literature citations etc.. It is very intriguing to think about how much has changed since that time ….

If you are interested in that topic and are able get your fingers on this book – do it!


edited: 21.09.2021