Galápagos Diary: A Complete Guide to the Archipelago’s Birdlife

Hermann Heinzel; Barnaby Hall: Galápagos Diary: A Complete Guide to the Archipelago’s Birdlife. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 2000′


This book is probably the exact opposite to this one.:  

The two guys that have created this work simply love what they do.  

The book is full of photographs and sketches, as well as drawings, some of the photos include sketches, some are half photo half drawing, and so on ….  

The author has sometimes written some notices onto the photos, which gives the book a somewhat used touch, or let’s say, it appears as if the reader him/herself has made some notices directly into the book while being afield bird-watching.  

There is even a page dealing with several subspecies of at least one of the Darwin Finches, the Warbler Finch, several of the subspecies are depicted, described in few words – you see, it’s possible!

This book simply has to be recommended, Period!  


edited: 06.12.2017