Collins Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

R. A. Fall; R. B. Sibson; E. G. Turbott: Collins Guide to the Birds of New Zealand. Collins 1966  



This book was originally published in 1966, including full color plates by Chloe Talbott Kelly. It was reprinted at least nine times. The color charts were removed from the 1970 version and replaced with color charts from Elaine Power. I have the ninth reprint from 1986; I don’t know the original color tables, but the ones contained here are nice, not exactly scientifically accurate, but at least cute. 

Since some of the texts in the book date back to 1960, there are some species that are extinct today, but still existed at that time; It is a bit strange and depressing to read about the now extinct Bushwren (Xenicus longipes (Gmelin)) that they have become rare and are only seen here and there …


I bought the book for collection purposes only, it’s probably pretty out of date and there are certainly more accurate books out there, but it’s a pretty fine work nonetheless.   🙂  


edited: 10.04.2017