An Early Oligocene hoopoe-relative

This species obviously was described as Bystreornis brevimetatarsis, however, I have no idea in which paper (not the one mentioned below), and by whom.

Anyway, the bird is so far known from a single leg only, which whose structure indicates that it the bird belonged to the hoopoe family, and which otherwise proves it to have been an exceptional small creature.

This is just a sketch, and I depicted the bird twice the actual size, it may in fact have reached only some 6 cm!

… maybe I got the tarsometatarsus too long?



[1] Martin Kundrát; Ján Soták; Per E. Ahlberg: A putative upupiform bird from the Early Oligocene of the Central Western Carpathians and a review of fossil birds unearthed in Slovakia. Acta Zoologica 96(4): 45-59. 2015


edited: 09.06.2016

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